About Chris Haygood

I am an author of novels, short stories, essays, and screenplays. I am a firm believer in using jokes to defuse awkward situations, and, since life is nothing more than a decades-long series of awkward situations to defuse anyway, jokery abounds in every nook of my oeuvre (which I believe is French for “hard to spell”).

My writing might feature, say, an extraterrestrial janitor who collects sexy anime figurines, or a sassy vegan crocodile with a jetpack, or a ghost journalist writing a biography in order to settle outstanding gambling debts, where any normal person who respects his work and probably has more friends than I do would just put a regular-ass dude.

Genre means little to me; most of my work begins with me thinking of an occupation, setting, or personality type that I feel has never been showcased before and taking it from there, the end result often being a veritable genre orgy, which is how my first book came to be classified as “Spy Thriller/Satire/Parody/Science Fiction.”

You can find a short bibliography up in the menu. I have written four books, which I am only now looking to publish, which is part of the reason for this website. Another part is that the only other Chris Haygood I know is in a ska revival band, and if that guy claimed ChrisHaygood.com it would be a heavy blow to my already brittle reputation.

I live in a dark sector of the cosmos just barely more normal than a NYC bus terminal with my wife, two kids, and several thousand dogs.

Thank you for reading. Tell me about yourself by visiting the Contact page! I promise to do nothing sinister with the information!